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    Dr. Hajnik is a life changer. For over two years I took 3-4 Advil a day and had to constantly ice to deal with the swelling and pain in my knee. My other Orthopedic Surgeon in Encinitas told me it was just early arthritis at the age of 40 and I just needed to strengthen my core to alleviate the pain. I believed him because of the great reviews he had on Yelp. I tried all of the PT he recommended and all the shots he administered: the rooster comb injections, the steroid shots, the PRP injections...nothing worked.

    After visiting a wonderful Acupuncture therapist named Jennifer Lyons in Carlsbad, CA who I highly recommend, she recommended Dr. Hajnik who performed Knee Replacement Surgery on her father.

    Instead of a normal MRI administered by most Doctors, his team at CORE in Encinitas performed a "Fat Surpressed MRI." It was able to detect bone marrow lesions scattered throughout my knee bone, i.e. stress fractures in my bone.

    He told me that he thought these were the main contributors of my pain but that I did have significant knee arthritis for my age. After trying conservative treatment options before considering this procedure (rest, ice, brace) I quickly realized that was not doing the trick.

    The procedure he performed was called Subchondroplasty where he fills in those bone fractures with a synthetic bone marrow.

    He performed the procedure over a year and a half ago and I am still pain free and I haven’t had any swelling. Sure, there is arthritis. But I can play weekend baseball, play with my kids and ski with the family. I will give Dr. Hajnik one of those cheesy pictures of me playing ball or doing something active with my family because he changed my life!

    When considering the right orthopedic surgeon for your knee pain there is no one else I would trust or recommend than Dr. Hajnik. Thanks again Dr. Hajnik!
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